Option for permanent access

It seems that Geekstein is geared more towards single support sessions where the client is at their computer and can allow access each time a remote connection is requested.

I have clients that rely on me to do after hours remote sessions on a regular basis, where no one is present to allow access.

Is there an option, or could it be added, to set permission for remote access on demand indefinitely? Something more like how logmein, gotomypc or loginpro works where you just have to supply login credentials to gain remote access.?.

+100 % this would be a great addition :slight_smile:

+1 for me too!

All you have to do is to setup unattended access.

Takeover Remote Computer → Add Remote Computer. Currently you can set between 7, 30 days.
We will add one more option in that combo box. We will call it “Permanent”.

Any thoughts?

Hi Ionut,

The 7, 30 days is good for the odd one off support, but for a Family & Friends or Small Business situation, a “Permanent” access as with LoginPro would be very welcome :-TU :slight_smile:

Would it be along the same lines as EasyVPN / Unite in that you could select either connection secured / authorized with a certificate or password?

Look forward to a new release (:CLP)

That would be great. Thank you!


When is the option for Permanent access likely to be available. We are not renewing our LogMeIn Central Management subscription and are looking for an allternative.

I really need this. Just got the beta working and it’s pretty good so far.
Team Viewer is a little faster, but Geekstein has a lot of really nice functions.
Don’t really want to buy something else.