Optimum vs Maximum explained

I just installed Comodo firewall only since I’m using NOD32 antivirus on my Windows Vista Home Premium computer. At one point it gave 3 choices which included firewall only, optimum, and maximum. Can anyone provide a link where it explains in detail the differences between optimum and maximum. It’s odd, but one would normally say nothing could be better than optimum, but maximum seems to offer more protection. The only thing I can figure is that maximum offers more protectin, buit it’s also more annoying (eg, with popups) so it’s not optimum? In my opinion the installer should have a clickable link at this point in the installation with all the details explained so that the user can make an informed decision.

Optimum and Proactive if I’m not mistaken. Optimum are your custom, learned rules. It’s what I keep mine on.

from the help files…

COMODO - Proactive Security - This configuration turns CIS into the ultimate protection machine. All possible protections are activated and all critical COM interfaces and files are protected. During the setup, if only Comodo Firewall installation option is selected, the next screen allows users to select this configuration as default CIS configuration. If selected, Firewall is always set to Safe mode. But according to the malware scanning results performed during the setup process, if no malware is found, Defense+ is set to Clean PC mode. Otherwise, the default is Safe mode.