Optimum or Network Configurations?

Morning All,

I’ve been and gone and done a daft thing!

Whilst climbing up the not too steep learning curve for V3 I managed to change the “Miscellaneous / Manage My Configurations / Select” setting without actually noticing whether the default was “Optimum Security” or “Network Security”. I’ve had a trawl through the forums and the User Manual but information about this is a bit thin on the ground.

So if anyone could tell me which setting is the default I’d be eternally grateful. If they could also explain the difference between the two settings I’d probably love them forever (in a nice way of course).

Thanks in Anticipation.


Hi SplittingDistant

The default is “Optimum Security”. That function is for Exporting & Importing configurations… I believe that “Optimum Security” includes Firewall & Defense+ rules/settings, whereas “Network Security” doesn’t include Defense+.

Dear kail,

Thanks for your speedy response.

I’ll change it back to “Optimum Security” pronto.

Thanks Again,