Optimum.net bouncing any email I relay through Comodo

Any optonline.net recipient I send email to while using Comodo as my gateway bounces it with the message below. I do have my SPF record set up for my domain keithelkin.com. Any idea what’s gong on here?

Remote Server returned ‘<mx.optimum.net #5.0.0 smtp; 550 5.7.0 Your mail from was rejected. We can’t currently accept your message.>’

Your SPF is wrong do you wish me to reply in the forum or by direct message?

You can reply in the forum so others can benefit from it too in case they made the same mistake I did.

The SPF for the domain keithelkin.com reads “v=spf1 a include:_spf.antispamgateway.comodo.com” and I think you will get better results with the following one:

v=spf1 a include:_spf.spamgateway.comodo.com ~all

Change antispamgateway to spamgateway and some systems prefer to see the SPF terminate with either a softfail ~all or a permanent fail of -all.

Let me know how you get on, please allow DNS changes to propagate first.

Hope it helps

Are you sure us.spamgateway.comodo.com is valid? The email I received from Comodo said to use us.antispamgateway.comodo.com in the SPF record.
I did set a 5 minute TTL just so it would propagate quicker. I’ll try your change first.


This has been discussed many times before and I think the result was EU and US use the same SPF settings.

I see you have changed the SPF did it work?

Strange, I replied to this but it never posted.
I changed the SPF record to what you said, but everything still bounces to optonline.net. I changed it back to antispamgateway per the email sent to me from Comodo, but it still bounces to optonline. Makes no sense.