OPSWAT certification

On Comodo Website it’s written that CCAV got the Gold Certification from OPSWAT, but actually it’s a Silver Certification… Gold Certification is for CIS… or am I missing something?


Hi Jon79,

Thanks for your feedback. We will look into it.

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Hi Jon79,
Thanks for pointing it out.

We had received Gold Certificate for CCAV 8.x also but was not reflected in OPSWAT site.
They have updated the site now and you can see Gold Certificate against: COMODO Cloud Antivirus 8.x


I am using COMODO Cloud Antivirus 1.10 :o Whats that COMODO Cloud Antivirus 8.x ?

and I want to ask a Q.
Why Comodo do not participate in “OPSWAT MALWARE SHARING PROGRAM” ?
It can be good for both sides.

Actually it should be v1.8 which they referred as 8.x, will ask them to fix.

Why Comodo do not participate in "OPSWAT MALWARE SHARING PROGRAM" ?
will look into it.

ok, waiting for more info. maybe they meant ccav 1.8.x

OK, they have fixed it.
Now you can see the Gold Certification for Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.x :-TU


Hi umesh,

Do you have any information about other possible partnerships between Comodo and OPSWAT?


We are in touch.