Opportunity to chose proactive security profile during installation.



What about possibility to chose how CIS should protect us (during installation)?
Ones want to decide, the others want to have auto-protection.
I think it’s good idea to let user chose during installation.
Novices will skip this part (click Next) and advanced users will get possibility to chose, it would be great, there are still people who want to decide :-TU
Small change, great benefits.

I like your idea.

For a long time, the users have been wishing for an installation wizard that allows the user to set the major security features for CIS during install, but it still has not happened yet.
We have suggested: “beginners” set up (basic options with explanation) and a “custom/experienced user” set up (with many more detailed options).

From the usability forum:

Elements that should be covered in the “custom/experienced” settings wizard during install:

  • Stealth ports - Make stealth port wizard part of the installation process so people don’t forget to set protection when the program starts. The stealth port wizard can still be kept within CIS, so that the options can be changed. For a more detailed discussion (including ways to improve the stealth ports wizard), see this post.
  • Configuration option (e.g. proactive, internet, etc)
  • Firewall Configuration (security level and alerts settings).
  • Defense+ Configuration (security level, monitor settings, image execution).
  • Antivirus Configuration (realtime on/off, heuristics level, scheduled scans).
  • Trusted vendors list - A list of vendors can be displayed to the user. This list should include: 1) the “default” trusted vendors supplied by Comodo, and 2) the vendors of signed executables on the computer (the wizard can scan the computer for signed executables). Then, the user could select which of the vendors he/she wants to install into the “my trusted vendors” list. This can also been done during CIS updates (see “program updates” below). A suggested list of trusted vendors is posted here. For the definition of “default” and more discussion, see this post and this post. Request to scan for signed executables is posted here.
  • GUI settings - balloon messages (show/hide), tray icon (show/hide), tray icon animation (show/hide), install/don’t install desktop shortcut, and any other GUI customizations planned for the new GUI.
  • Language and the option to “download other language packages” (if you selected not to download other language packages, then only the language you selected would be downloaded)
  • Option to import a user-defined configuration
  • Option to scan the ‘Program Files’ folder and ask if the user would like to allow or deny internet access to each program (as Online Armor Firewall does)

I would like to see two different modes of installation

  1. Basic—simply go with defaults
  2. Advanced–Configure CIS installation to your needs

If possible, include this too in your poll.

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I agree but we don’t want to make the installation process too complex.

Maybe just include stealthing and the config choice during the install but include a screen recommending what things can/should be modified after the install.

Ewen :slight_smile:

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Too much choices would be confusing for new users even if they are above average but not familiar with CIS features.

Ummm, yes I agree. But, take a look at my post again. The comprehensive list I provided shows the options for the “custom/Experienced user” install, not for the “beginner/standard” install.

Thee beginner install should probably have only options for stealth ports and configuration.

Got it! :slight_smile: Offer the two basic options (stealth and config) initially and then an option to go to an advanced config screen.

:-TU :-TU