Opportunity to chose a firewall policy.

Hi folks.
I’ve got a proposal about cis set up.
I thought about how to solve this new rule problem (i really don’t like it). It’s less secure and i figured out that option like this during installation would be perfect:


It would give you a choice about firewall policy (for now first option is enabled by default - since 5.5).

What do you think?:slight_smile:

+1 :-TU

Mmmm that’s not right. It needs to be set to proactive mode by deault, it’s the strongest protections. It’s like buying a high tech security system setting it up, but forgetting to change the password to it so that anyone can modify it or disable it.

It’s not right and not very secure.

The only way to properly utilize Comodo firewall is with proactive mode.

It’s not that difficult to learn.


So for clarification when you say it’s done by default does that mean you have no choice unless you change it yourself? It’s bad enough when people just click a window without reading it but to think they remove the choice to do so is just >:-D and insecure.

It ain’t right, so yah some clarification is needed.

Currently, if you install CIS and use the Internet Security configuration, you have an allow all outgoing requests rule added to your configuration.

It looks like Comodo picked up on the concerns of the community. Egemen told us the following:

Seems like we have winrar :-TU

I don’t know why they thought that was EVER a good idea…

The biggest thing Comodo has going for it is it’s security, there is none better on the market. If they mess that up it could be disastrous for them. Hopefully, they don’t do this again…

I understand trying to please the cpu user noobs but yah not this way, noooo.