Opinions about non-Comodo products?


I love the Comodo Firewall.

Until CAVS is out of beta I will be running NOD32. Honestly, as much as I love NOD32 I may never give it up. But I want to run a HIPS product in addition to my antivirus, which means that down the road, CAVS could be the right product for me.

Until then I am thinking about Process Guard (free version) or Safety System Monitor (also free). Both are HIPS applications.

Has anyone run either of these products with CPF? If so, what did you think?



if comodo products not exist… :stuck_out_tongue:
freeware: 360 total security good protect;
shareware: avira or eset (excellent in protection real time);
others products i test, but not protected trojans and spywares advanced. :-\