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Opera 10 goes final! (web.archive.org)

Press release: Turbocharge your Web experience with Opera 10



:BNC :Beer


As a hardcore FF user i say :-TU


Bit of a major milestone (:CLP) :Beer

All you need now are a few users (:TNG)

One very HAPPY Opera 10 user here. ;D

Trying it out, again! :THNK


Just installed, looks good. Placement of tabs on the left or right is great. :Beer :Beer :Beer

Ars Review:


Not too shabby :smiley:

yo! is it really faster? :-La
compared too …let’s say… chrome? :-La

Every release of Opera makes me unable to comprehend why so many people dislike it.
It’s a strange world, but the likes of Opera make it a better place. :wink:

I recently looked at Opera 9.64 after having not used it for a long time; used Opera 10 since the first stages and never looked back. The skin is strikingly better when comparing. It doesn’t draw attention when not actively looking and is much more integrated with striking unification of the elements.

For people who are concerned about Javascript speed. Behind the scenes Opera is working a new Javascript engine under the codename Carakan: http://my.opera.com/core/blog/2009/02/04/carakan .

It’s not a bad browser Eric, and I can understand why people like an ‘all in one’ solution. For me, I just want a browser and if Mozilla go the same way as Opera, I’ll find something else.

By the way, the icons are not new, I made a skin for firefox using the same icons two years or so ago. This fetish with ‘Mac/Chrome like’ interfaces is so boring and far too clinical.

Anyway, that’s my opinion :slight_smile:

Opera 10 is awesome!

Anyone know how to get rid of the taskbar icon when Opera is running?

It’s probably something really obvious lol

The icon is in the taskbar when there’s an e-mail account in Opera; also if Feeds are enabled, as Feeds need an account.
There is a possible fix: add /notrayicon to the target in the shortcut, e.g:

“D:\Program Files\Opera10\opera.exe” /notrayicon

(is mine).

Thanks for the response. I am using Opera for my e-mail (no feeds though). Unfortunately, editing the shortcut gave me an error message when I next tried to open Opera :frowning:

Thanks anyway though :-TU

mmm, I wonder why. There’s this:


and this:


which is a reg. fix.

I Guess he replaced the “normal” C:\ with the D:\ From your example ?

I don’t seem to have the tray icon anymore, since RC1 or RC2 ??? (:-TU)

Anyway, being a complete slim freak, I think Opera rules because it stays so small in its installation despite all the features. My Opera 10 installation is 13.7 MB (not counting the profile which is located in the same folder - single user installation). Last time I checked Firefox 3 (at work, the fox is not welcome here at home) was at least 60 MB including the stuff in Documents and Settings (not counting cache of course).

Simply awesome! :a0

My program files for FF 3.5.2 is 26,6 MB so I’d say that’s pretty nice.