Opera email not working

Well I took the plunge and installed CAVS Beta, as I was between anti-virus installs. The only problem I have so far, apart from the HIPS not seeming to know many common files (never heard of MS Word it seems!?) and slight feeling of system slowdown, is that the email scanner is not functioning correctly.

I use the opera 9.2 email client, and if there are no messages to download everything is fine, it checks and returns to its waiting state immediatly. However, if there is mail waiting then the email client just sits on the ‘Fetching messages’ status for ages and ages with the ‘comodo antivirus - scanning incoming emails’ icon on the toolbar.

Oddly, when the email finally arrives, the client reconnects immediatley to check for new mail (I have it set to check mail every 5 minutes) and identifies more email to download. If you let it sit there for ages, when it finally gets the email it seems to be a duplicate. I presume this would continue indefinately if left alone. So it seems as though it is not deleting the email from the server side once downloaded, and so is continually retrieving the same message(s), and taking about 10 minutes each time to do it.

If I turn off the email scanner, then all works fine again.

Without a working email scanner, I’m afraid it’s a bit of a show stopper for me!

This is the first install of CAVS on my system, although I do have the firewall and BOClean.

Hope this makes sense.

I have also seen (once so far) an error code 002? Something about not being able to initialize the safe list database. This happened when I clicked to start a full system scan, while silultaneously transmitting hundreds of files to comodo for analysis!

Am I the only person with this issue? I didn’t think Opera was that unpopular!

Can anyone tell me whether it’s being looked at with a view to being fixed in a future version?


Hi webb2000

Neither did I. :o

Since nobody on the forums seems to know the answer, I recommend that you go to Comodo Support, register on their system & raise a ticket on this issue. Please remember to post-back any feedback/resolution that Support may give you, thanks.