Opera browser instead of IE 6 or IE 7? [Closed]

This browser looks very interesting.

  1. Is it heavier, easier, or about the same on system resources?

  2. If you switch, is it necessary to keep IE installed? (Are there sights that require IE to open or downloads that require IE to download?)

Opera certainly appears to be more user friendly/convenient to use. And boasts that it is safer to boot. Can anyone enlighten me about this browser?


I use Firefox, but Opera is an excellent browser, and much more secure than Internet Explorer. Sorry but I really don’t know much about Opera. Also about keeping Internet Explorer, I would recommend you to keep it, because some sites will only view proper in IE and if you plan on getting updates from Microsoft from the Microsoft update site then you will need IE. But if you really want to uninstall IE you can do so in Add or Remove Programs.

I agree with justin. I would simply keep IE installed for updates, nothing else. I go to desktop properties and disable it showing on my desktop. I also use Firefox. I have used Opera in the past, and it’s a good browser but it was still very shifty. I don’t know what it’s like now but if I do ever use it, I have a truckload of icons for a theme I made for it and would finally complete it. Opera is “to me” not as stable as firefox and I had browsing issues, many sites wouldn’t show up etc…Firefox to me was the same but the last version has been wonderful and have had no complaints with it yet. IE has forever dropped from my usage and don’t plan on going back to it. MS states, with IE7 you wanted security, we listened. HA ha ha ha, well too bad they didn’t listen when we cried for it in IE6 and it was ignored for a year.

Rant over.


Both removing and restoring IE is risky and difficult. IE is complex with extensive hooks built into Windows, for efficiency and functionality. Thus unplugging it from your system may impact Internet connectivity, Windows functionality, and break functionality in Microsoft Office and non-MS products. IE is more than a browser, it is the foundation for Internet functionality in Windows.

If, despite this advice, you would still like to uninstall IE, then LitePC is a good place to start. LitePC or any other third-party program that removes IE is most definitely not recommended for novice users. However, instead of uninstalling IE, you should consider alternatives such as making IE more secure, or hiding Internet Explorer

this quote from http://kb.mozillazine.org/Uninstalling_Internet_Explorer

Why not just give opera a try and see what you think about it

I’m using The Opera Browser and I love it. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried Opera but in my opinion you can’t beat Firefox.

Opera is a good browser, but myself I prefer Firefox. Not all sites are compatible with Firefox or Opera, but IE is way more unsafer. So I’d recommend to keep IE only for Windows Update.


I use Firefox but for downloads I use IE 6, But having a problem. When I uninstall the firewall IE 6 comes up fine and no problem. When firewall is up I cannot get IE 6 to come up any ideas in what is wrong? Any help is appreciated…Thanks :THNK

Since version 7 I didn’t have any browsing issues with Opera. Opera is great and has lots of things already included where you need to install plug-ins in Firefox (Oh how I miss mouse gestures when I have to operate another browser).

I keep my IE 6 for MS Update sites because MS intentionally alters their site so that it doesn’t work properly in alternative browsers.

Btw. Opera 9.5 will be much quicker than the current 9.x (at least it is said so).


Despite the title only mentioning 2 products, it’s never going to happen. There’s always going to be a third or fourth product (cough firefox end of cough) in there somewhere. People can never resist, can they?

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Not bitter are you, Soya? Is the Firefox “fanboy” club getting to be too much for ya? :wink: Just kidding…


You cannot reasonably get rid of the IE !!!

It is so completely integrated into the system that if you remove it (and only by means of some third party program, uninstalling via “add remove programs” will do nothing), you will degrade performance of all the OS. BTW, if you still did not, try to write some internet address (www.comodo.com e.g.) into normal (not internet) windows explorer address line.

You will always need IE for downloading microsoft updates.
You will need IE for any pages relying on ActiveX components (some internet banking systems use it, My God!).

I cannot think of any other reason why to use IE!
Dangerous, troublesome, imperfect!

PROS for Opera:

  • no active X, in the first place.
  • extremely safe e-mail client.
  • antiphishing.
  • mouse gestures most addictive part of it.
  • tabbed browsing combined with windows browsing (any amount of windows with any amount of tabs inside)
  • extremely tailorable interface. Everything can be shifted, hidden, defined (menus, toolbars, shortcuts…).
  • everything in one package, less than 5 MB, no need to install plugins (but still possible).
  • very comfortable mail client, with quick answer option - answer sent with just one click
  • integrated mail client (POP3 and IMAP) - some users (me too) consider it extremely good one.
  • integrated RSS reader
  • everything in the uniform windows (tabs) with identical handling (web, mail, rss).
  • voice control (generally I think not used much but present).
  • voice output - Opera can read selected text aloud (good for learning english, eg :slight_smile: )
  • widgets
  • ad blocker
  • more than a hundred (really) various settable options.


  • At the beginning, the interface is a bit cluttered with so many options on.
  • Ad blocking probably not as good as in FireFox.
  • Some unimportant errors pending through many new versions (like impossibility to switch off error console).

Usually people say that Opera is too complicated for novices when compared with FireFox. I do not agree. If you assemble FireFox with all the plugins needed for FireFox to be as functional as Opera then the complexity will be the same. Except that Opera users will always need to download and install (30 seconds on laziest computers) just one file…

Certainly, give it a try.

- Ad blocking probably not as good as in FireFox.
I don't know about Firefox but Opera has that nifty 'block content' feature where you can block on a page whatever you want. I don't need more, it even works for flash.

Neither do I but Firefoxes usually state it, so I said “probably”…
Personally, I too am completely satisfied with the Opera ad blocking.

Ad blocking was the first reason for my quest on a different browser, eventually resulting in Opera. The ad blocking mode is not what I had in mind because it only blocks specific files on specific websites, wheeras the Block Content is like the host file, but much better. It was difficult for me to customize a right-click menu to directly access this feature though.

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I started using Opera a few months ago, moving over from firefox which for me was getting a bit bloated and slow on recent updates. I’m finding it smooth, stable, and fast on current version and have yet to find an issue with web sites ( although still have ie7 for updates). I’m loving the ‘speed dial’ function which is like having multiple home pages to all your favourite sites…including this one of course! Definately worth a try (I still have firefox incase I find things i dislike but have not used it in while). You can even get a mini version for your mobile which rocks as gives proper internet on even basic gprs phones.



1.- Opera is the lightest browser on resource usage. Because of that and its speed there’s even a myth that it was coded in assembly.

2.- I wouldn’t uninstall IE, don’t use it unless necessary but it won’t do any harm leaving it there.

And yes Opera is safer than IE, both vulnerabilities-wise and concerning all the features it has to manage domains, script, cookies etc.

Between those, there is no choice to be made. IE is not in the same category. Go with Opera.

I only use Firefox because of a few extensions, mainly NoScript, which covers XSS.
FF itself (striped of extensions) is very good, just not as good as Opera.

It only surpasses (possibly, this depends on the eye of the beholder) Opera with a truck load of extensions. Like Zotero, Scrapbook, Forecastfox Enhanced, and such.
But there’s the other side of this: extensions like Session Manager, and Mouse Gestures copy some of Opera’s built in features. IMO, not nearly as functional. Nothing wrong with SM, but Mouse gestures… forget it.

Take your pick between Firefox and Opera, it comes down to preferences, but never IE. The worst of the 3, clearly and for a long time now.

I think solo made his/her choice by now lol. It doesn’t take 10 months to make a choice over a browser (:TNG)

Damn I never look at the date and always fall for thread resurrections. (:SHY)