OpenVPN vs PPTP in Windows 7 with IPv6

When I run uTorrent and HideMyass VPN (who let you select OpenVPN or PPTP) on a Windows 7 machine, in order for VPN to make me anonymous, there is a problem with IPv6 causing uTorrent to find a way within Windows to bypass the VPN service and connect directly. This can be fixed by disabling IPv6 and that works fine except you can’t connect to persons who use IPv6 so you get fewer connections and slower speed. I use a router but I don’t think that makes any difference.

When I try running with IPv6 enabled and chose PPTP, I can see in “active connections” in Comodo that “system” connects to the internet (source, not 10.x.x.x as it should be if I was to be anonymous in this case, since 10.x.x.x is the IP used by HMA). And I can’t block “system” altogether in Comodo because then everything is stopped.

However, when I run with IPv6 and use OpenVPN, I can see in “active connections” in Comodo that ut is only openvpn.exe that receives data (TCP OUT, source So the source indicates that I am not anonymous, but the fact that everything goes via openvpn.exe might indicate that it actually does work as intended.

Does anyone know: Am I anonymous or not? Or do you have a tip on a VPN provider with IPv6 support?

Are you using native IPv6 (from your ISP) or tunneled, Teredo, 6to4, broker etc.? If you’re not sure, run an ipconfig /all and post the results.

MS Teredo Tunneling (it is Win7).

I just made a test and started the same 2 torrents (which have only a few seeders/peers) on a different Win7 PC which doesn’t have VPN, and has the same IPv6 enabled. And from there, among the clients, I could only see my VPN provider’s IP, not my own. So it looks like it is working. Although I can’t use Comodo for stopping uTorrent when VPN dies.

If you’re using Teredo, the tunnel is maintained by svchost not utorrent. So, unless you’re also using the VPN for svchost, you may be exposed. To monitor your VPN connection and disconnect if there’s a failure, you need something like VPNCheck

Thanks for the reply.

One reason to use Comodo’s firewall is that you don’t need VPNcheck (at least not if IPv6 isn’t enabled).

I guess the safe thing is either to disable IPv6 or use VPN with IPv6 support.

Or is there an alternative to teredo which forces the tunnel to be maintained by utorrent?