Opening ports in the firewall

I am looking to play a new game, Splinter Cell: Conviction, and it requires several ports to be open in the router and the firewall for it to operate. I am also running the free version of CIS. How do I go about opening the required ports in the firewall. I can’t seem to find a dialog to set that up.

Bill Lugg

The attached picture may help. :slight_smile:

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Creating multiple rules to allow a particular app access to multiple ports - in/out - is bad form. Create a ‘port profile’ and use the ‘port profile’ for whatever app as required.

For example, say you need 80, 443 and 8080 for a site, then create a port profile called (e.g.): 80/44/8080; specify that profile in the src or dest port field.

That’s a really powerful technique when you get your brain around it; that technique applies to other things to, e.g., zones, apps, network and computer security policies (among other things).

Choose the set of ports option then. ???