Opening ports for World of Warcraft


After having recently the victim of a keylogger in World of Warcraft, I decided I really needed to up my security level. I have set up Comodo as my firewall and am having a difficult time trying to figure out how to open certain ports for the Blizzard Downloader.

According to Blizzard Support, the “Blizzard Downloader requires that ports 3724 and 6112 be open. It can also benefit from having ports 6881 through 6999 open.”

I have looked through the forums and found several posts about opening ports for bit torrent clients, but do not know if the procedures are the same.

Can anyone walk me through what I am sure is a simple process?

Thank you very much,

Hi Tom,

I myself am not a gamer but you might find the information under this FAQ Topic here:

Alternatively, I think it’s simply a matter of addind additional “Port Sets” under the My Port Sets icon under the Firewall tab.


Hello Eric!

Thanks for the quick reply. I did peruse that FAQ but had not found an answer. The game itself doesn’t require the opening of these ports actually. When Blizzard issues a content patch or update, the file/s are downloaded via their Blizzard Downloader which uses a p2p protocol.

I did find someone else asking the same question in these forums from 2006 but they did not receive an answer that I saw.

I found this thread:

and I think this is my answer, but my next question would be are the ports I listed in my original post to be placed under “Destination” as in the example?


Action: Allow

Protocol: TCP

Direction: In/Out

Source Address: Any

Destination Address: Any

Source port: Any

Destination Port: 3724

and then repeat for the additional ports?

Anyone? Is the above correct?

I’m not familiar with WOW
Maybe it’s best to look for firewall configurations from Blizzard?

They have “how to” guides for the more commercial firewalls and suggest contacting the makers of the firewall if the one you are using is not listed, which Comodo is not. Let’s take World of Warcraft out of the equation as people seem to be getting hung up on this part of my question.

All I’m asking is how to open ports 3724, 6112 and 6881-6999 and if the thread/example I listed in my last post is the proper way to open these ports.


ok. (:HUG)

Yes the post you made should be correct if they are the right ports.
Also don’t forget if you are behind a router you will have to forward those ports aswell.

Thanks Kyle!


Set up WOW 2 years ago… no problems, didn’t have to define ports… critical thing is allowing invisible connections…

now banging my head on the wall over getting Warhammer Online to work after every patch… didn’t have this problem with WOW, once I got it right

having to reset permissions after every patch, and being new online game, the patches are frequent…

WOW made many changes to their patch/download setup, so that now, it’s seamless or transparent and Comodo has no problems with it

Every Warhammer patch makes Comodo act like it’s a new piece of software trying to access the net…

anyone have some suggestions?? shouldn’t have to resort to port forwarding for this kind of thing and I refuse to leave ports open on the router for a game and then would have to manually close them