Opening PDF in Browser

Hi everyone…I had no issues with printing off Comodo with my Adobe until today when I went to print off some worksheets for my daughter and got this message "The Adobe Acrobat/Reader selected for viewing PDF documents in browsers cannot be found at its installed location; it may have been moved or deleted (0:0) . I have the most updated version of Adobe and my dragon is also updated. The weird thing is this error only appears in my Comodo Dragon browser and in no other browser so it seems dragon is the issue. The upsetting this is that Comodo is my default browser. Any help would be appreciated please. Many thanks.


What version of Adobe Reader are you using. Please attach a screenshot of the expanded view of your “Adobe Reader” plugin in “about://plugins”: Go to about://plugins in Dragon, click the “Details” button near the top right corner of the plugins page and look for the Adobe Reader plugin.

Thank you.

If I try to open a PDF on a web page it just downloads the PDF file. Is there a way that I can just have the PDF open in the browser?

You have to go to dragon settings, advanced settings, content settings, disable individual plugin - here adobe plugin or plugin of the pdf software you are running on the system should be there & enabled.