open port 23 (telnet)

(:WAV) Hi to all,
Just joined the forum and loving it! Down to business…recent on-line firewall test (shields up, auditmypc etc.) all show that my telnet port 23 is open. I’ve used the stealth port wizard to block all incoming connections and stealth my ports to everyone but port 23 is still open. How to I stop this leak?

Check your router. They often open port 23 so you can do setup and monitoring via telnet. Comodo can’t stealth it if your router has already responded.

How can I chek my roter???

I’m presuming you have a slightly different question, coming into a 4 month old, relatively stale, topic.

How to check your router? Typically a web interface. What kind of router is it (make and model)?

to make sure it’s not your pc use a cmd box and issue a [netstat -an] and look for something like:

Proto Local Address Foreign Address State

If it’s not there your sure (unless there’s a rootkit) it isn’t your pc’s making the reply to shields up. But as stated before most likely your router.