Open multiple tabs


I often open multiple tabs (22) but they aren’t loaded well.
Many webpages aren’t loaded at all.
Is this a bug or do I have to apply some specific settings?


Hi pgreek,
See if any of the following helps,

  1. Disable ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’, found under system in the advanced settings.
  2. Clear your browsing data. Ctrl+Shift+Del
  3. Disable all extensions in case one is corrupt or conflicting with another.


Hi captainsticks,

I did everything you suggested me, but the problem occurs again.

It seems that the loading of web pages is too fast and they are not loaded properly

Hi pgreek,
Since version 33, there have been some issues between Dragon and the Adobe Flash plugin.
If using the PepperFlash workaround doesn’t solve this issue, I would suspect that you may have found a bug that is system specific.

Kind regards.

Yes, PepperFlash workaround doesn’t solve the problem

Did your problem arise after you updated to Dragon 33.1 or was it also happening with previous version(s) of Dragon?

In the last year I used Chrome now I use Dragon 33.1. Before installing Chrome I had no problem with Dragon (but I can not remember which version it was)

Hi pgreek,
I do also recommend going to dragon://plugins and disabling the NPAPI version of Flash if it is installed.
Note: Expand the plugin details to see the information for both versions.

That failing you could try the portable version of Dragon, this may help decide whether or not that the installed version is corrupt in some way.
It will also help eliminate any user profile issues.
Note: The portable version is totally independent from the installed version.
Portable Version

Kind regards.

No problem with Dragon portable

Hi pgreek,
I would consider at least trying a new user profile (If not a complete re-install) with your installed version.
Please note: No user settings, preferences, passwords or bookmarks are automatically saved to the new user profile.
Bookmarks can be exported to a HTML file, then imported into the new user profile.
Expand the ‘organise’ menu in the bookmarks manager to access the export/import function.
To create a new user profile in Comodo Dragon-Comodo Help

Kind regards.

I have done a complete re-install of Dragon. Now everything seems ok

Let us hope it continues to behave. :slight_smile: