Open folders locked by Comodo System Cleaner [TIP]

Hi Guys,

I’ve been using comodo firewall for several years and trust it and will continue using it, recently a few days back i tried experimenting with comodo’s other tools, the comodo system cleaner and accidently locked one of my folder and was unable to unlock it, after going through the forum i found no solution which was a bit frustrating, so i decided to find a solution myself and at last found it !

Hope this solution works for everyone since some people might have locked important files and folders accidently and decided to share the solution, i’m using windows Vista and have not performed this solution on other operating systems.

Please note that before you perform this solution be sure to take a BACKUP OF YOUR REGISTRY AND YOUR SYSTEM and don’t blame me if anything goes wrong :slight_smile: hopefully this situation should not arise.

First of all let me tell you that there is no need to uninstall the comodo system cleaner, close all working application and please follow the below steps carefully:

Step 1 : Locate the folder you’ve accidentally locked, it should show you the sign of padlock, create a copy of that folder by simply copying and pasting it at the current location and you will get a copy of that folder.

Step 2 : Right click on the copy of the locked folder and select the properties option, this will display you the properties of the folder, select the General Tab although most of the times this will be the default view.
You should be able to view the folder name it should be something like : {2559a1g2-21c7-11d4-bdaf-00c04f60b9h0}

Step 3 : Copy this part of the name.

Step 4 : Go to windows start and then click run and type - Regedit

Step 5 : the previous step will lead you to the windows registry editor, (warning : please do not play with this editor as this is a very sensitive part of your operating system) if you are unable to go to the registry editor then you need to sign in as an administrator.

Step 6 :Press Cntrl + F and press ctrl + v, this will paste the folder name in the registry find option which we have copied in step 3.

Step 7 : Press enter and this will take you to that particular folder name in the registry.

Step 8 : Right click on that folder and select delete this will unlock the locked folder.

Step 9 : Close the registry editor and go back and see the folder and you will be able to view all your files which were locked !

Hope this solution works.

Now above is the solution but you would certainly want to know what exactly happened on my system which locked my folder, in my case i used the comodo system cleaner to clean my registry and accidently checked on the “delete unsafe enteries” which deleted some important entries.

Hope this information will be helpful so that this problem does not arise again :slight_smile:

Cheers and be happy :slight_smile:

Disclaimer : Please use the above solution at you own risk only and don’t blame me if anything goes wrong.

Hi Bipan and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Thank you for coming to the forum and sharing this, I added [TIP] to the title and a made a sticky of the topic. Someone might find it useful.


you would certainly want to know what exactly happened on my system which locked my folder, in my case i used the comodo system cleaner to clean my registry and accidently checked on the "delete unsafe enteries" which deleted some important entries.

Is it an isolated incident?

well i used it once to lock the folders and never tried it again.

I see. Thank you for your answer (and you tip).


We had this feature in early version. Because it was not stable we removed it. The solution I see is to use that version(do not update) and unlock. Then update.

This function will come back, but not in CSC as we want to keep only Cleaning related functions in it. Will come back in another form… as usualy we will let you know.

Sorry for the inconvenience and please tell us if you managed to solve the problem your self. If not we will assist you.

A separate application for tune-up? Is that the final decision or are you guys still considering the option of merging “tune-up” and “clean-up” into a single suite?


This would be the best, as both of these products will get more and more features. If we keep them in one products would be just too much for just one product. Plus, cleaning is one and tune-up a different thing.

Of course, we still want to hear your opinion on this. Actually, if you would like to discuss on this, please make a new thread about it.

I see folders being padlocked on my system but never bothered about it; notice I never used the lock function of which I didn’t know its existence. What older version do you refer to?

What CSC is doing in my windows folder?I have deleted the program a week ago and now i see it’s folder there and cannot delete it ???
How can i completely remove this thing?

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Please, answer!

Funny coincident)
have alook at raimond chen’s blog: What are all these files in my C:\WINDOWS\CSC directory?

OK, but what is this version 2.6 inside???

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