Open downloaded files virtualized?

How can I configure Comodo in such a way that when I download a file through a virtualized browser, and I navigate to the location of the downloaded file, the file will open virtualized?

For instance, if I download a Word file in virtualized Chrome, and I click on the downloaded file that appears at the bottom of the Chrome window, it will make Word virtual when the file opens.

But if I navigate to “Downloads” in VTRoot, and I click on the same Word file, it will open regular, not virtual, by default.
How can I change that behavior, so it will open virtual?

create a folder on your computer.

You can add your own folder to Do Not Virtualize acces to the specified files/folders. (recomended to remove Shared Spaces if you dont need this rule.)
This will allow you to save any files to this folder from an program running inside the virtualization. (this will allow any program inside the virtualization to save or modifiy your data in this specific folder)

add a Auto-containmet rule to this folder so if you execute any file from this folder it will run inside the virtualization (best to use the highest restriction possible, e.g Run Virtually+ Untrusted)

Since the the chrome is running inside virtualization and anything you try to execute from the virtualized Chrome will also run inside the virtualization.

By default when you try to execute a file inside the VTRoot it will be blocked. (With Auto-Containment enabled)
(unless you have disabled the Auto-Contaimnet) or (have removed/disabled the rule)

After following these instructions, I get the same behavior as in VTRoot: executables are blocked, but docs open normally.

Your right, the .doc wasent blocked at the VRoot folder.

Or when you configured CIS to sandbox the files in the new folder.

You’re doing it wrong as you shouldn’t be opening files from within the VTRoot folder. Just enable Do Not Virtualize acces to the specified files/folders. and make sure shared spaces which contains your download folder is listed. Then create an auto-containment rule to run virtually where folder path is the downloads folder. For documents and other non-executable files you need to add the application that handles such files to the do heuristic command-line analysis for certain applications list. e.g. word.exe