Oops! I think I need help!

This is what happened I downloaded CIS and I also downloaded the toolbar(Safesurf as well)
Then I unaccidentally uninstalled the toolbar but Safesurf is still on my taskbar. Does the safesurf still work?
Is there a difference whether I get the toolbar or not since I still have safesurf?
Can someone tell me where to get back the toolbar? (just the toolbar)

You only uninstalled the Ask Toolbar, It will still be in your system tray. To completely uninstall Safe Surf, you need to uninstall 2 components.


Wow that was fast! But I think there was a post giving me the setup of the toolbar and I got it back!
(S) (R)

I am born to be fast. (:KWL) I will now close this thread.