OOPS, I clicked to ignore all my virii by accident

Ok…I made a big boo boo today. I scanned my computer. 1,049,354 files (I have 7TB drive space, 3 TB filled) and love that it only took 1 hour 23 minutes. In that, CIS caught 27 suspicious files. I know that when looking at the info on them, at least 8 were NOT virii… I had clicked on one of them, highlighting it, and clicked on Ignore. It didn’t dawn on me that they were all CHECKED!!! Until they all vanished.

I found the ignore list and clicked to removed them all from it. I then ran another scan. But this time, it found 0 problems… :frowning:

What can I do to clear the entire memory of what it knows about my system so that it will find all the problems again. I know a few of those problems probably were actual trojans, though they are files/programs that will never be used…I still wish to quarantine them, or see if it can fix the problem.

Thanks for any help… Guess it pays NOT to be in such a hurry… LOL

  • Greg

So you un-ignored them and it doesn’t detect it ? Have you tried rebooting ?


wow, actually, I just opened the exclusions list again, and they are all back in there. :frowning: Not sure why, but there they all are, ignored.

Ok…so not sure what to do to make them stay OUT of this list.

And no, I had not rebooted.

One thing, maybe someone can tell me, several of the files it tagged (now that I can at least see them again) are patches to software. Updates. I know they are valid and non trojan/virii, but it seems like it tagged every file on my computer that had the word Patch in it. Is that just something it does? Or may they actually contain something? I know all but 2 came from the software companies themself and the other 2 were add-ons from 3rd party companies…

  • Greg

Oh, and just noticed that all my settings have reverted (in the scanner settings) to normal…where I had changed the do not scan larger than number in all 3 types to 850 they are all back to 20. And the heuristics is back to low in each, where I changed it to medium…so now apparently it won’t remember anything I do in there…

I’m not sure but perhaps we should move this to the bug reports ?


If you think that is best… I thank you for your time… This is odd… Maybe I am missing some steps, but I did hit apply after making my changes…

I just did it again. I changed the 20 to 850 and Heur to Medium. I then removed that entire list. I clicked apply.

I went back into the settings and the changes are still there…

I shut down the program totally.

Restarted it (no reboot)

The settings are all still the way I changed them. The list is empty as well…so I am going to try another scan right now. I’ll know in a short time if it is working, because last time, when it caught them, I had 5 in the first 20 minutes or so…

I will post again what happens…

  • Greg

Good that the settings are remembered. Please let me know if it detects the virusses again or not :slight_smile:


Thanks a ton… for whatever reason, it seems to be working just fine now. Caught 11 in 15 minutes …so should be ok now… that was odd… maybe still worth some investigation…but could just be my computer being a butthead… LOL

  • Greg

No problem, happy that I could guide you through this ;). For the possible False Positives, please report them . (How to report a FP ?)

Good evening,