Only one folder at a time can be synchronized


I recently reinstalled my machine and now installed comodo back. My profile had been deleted of course so I have to setup everything from scratch. Now, my purpose would be to do a very simple multi-directory backup (d:\XXX to be copied to F:\XXX, D:\YYY to be copied to F:\YYY, in an incremental way). One-way sync would be preferable but a simple copy will do too.

But I cannot do this with either setting in this new version. One-way sync says “Only one folder at a time can be synchronized” which is a complete nonsense???! And I am pretty sure this was the option I used at my old install.
“Simple copy” creates a _D folder on my F:\ drive and copies everything into F:_D.… which is not acceptable to me.

Could anyone help please? I am pretty disappointed I cannot setup this simple use case :frowning: