Only need basic firewall protected my network

Only need basic firewall protected my network , do not need HIPS, do not need scan files, do not need antivirus.

would you like to provided us clean and tiny firewall software?

Or, at least, make “installation” of the virtual kiosk, sandbox, etc. optional

Well sound good, to install only the firewall, without defence+. This option will be good for those who use the avast and comodo combination, or any other combination. Add a poll and hope your wish will see the light :a0

As it has always been since the introduction of Defense+, you can customize the installer to install only the firewall, then disable the components you don’t wish to use. (In this case, the behavior blocker, because the HIPS is already disabled by default)


Not everyone will use the kiosk and it will be a plus being able to chose to not install it. Useless to install something if you don’t intend to use it.

Like CCE, the Kiosk is an on-demand installation. Nothing is installed until you click on the button to use it. Even then, installation is only required if you want to run the Kiosk in Tablet Mode.

How happened then that “Shared Space” has a icon on the desktop after installation of CIS 6?

Because it can be accessed by not only programs in kiosk but programs in the sandbox, so it isn’t specific to the kiosk.

OK thanks SanyaIV, my mistake I overlooked the sandbox.