Only allow traffic through VPN

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I am in need of some help. I recently started using a vpn connection through the build in pptp protocol in windows 7. Everything works fine, however, when the vpn disconnects all internet connections will automativally be routed through the regular internet connection. This is fine in case of a corporate vpn but since i use it as an extra security layer, i would rather see the connection drop in case of vpn disconnecting. To prevent this behavior I was thinking of configuring comodo to block all internet connections through my regular internet connection and only allow traffic through my vpn. So in case my vpn disconnects no communication will be allowed whatsoever.

All seems fine, I, however can’t seem to get comodo to do this. I have tried several configurations but things keep switching to the regular internet connection or don’t connect at all. Since comodo doesn’t seem to detect my network zones automatically I am not sure if they are correct. I configured my internet zone by matching it with the mac address of the adapter. Since the vpn adapter doesn’t have such a mac address I am not sure how to configure this zone correct.

I hope you guys can help me with this issue.

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I am trying to understand a bit more about your configuration. Does your VPN server reside outside your network. If yes, then your computer must be able to reach the outside network in order to connect to the VPN. If you bock internet connection, then you can’t reach your VPN.

I think that the solution is more a routing implementation than a firewall one. You could set the default route to your VPN address, this way all outside traffic would be force to the VPN gateway. You will have to ensure that you set a route to your VPN server as well.

Hope I am giving you the right information.


That is correct sir. The VPN server resides outside the network, I use Ipredator VPN at the moment. And yes, when i block all traffic through the default lan adapter it also blocks the connection to the vpn. Now, how do i set the default route to my VPN address and have a route to my VPN server aswell

Is there none that knows how to set the firewall up for this? Just to be clear, i want all aplications to make use of my vpn connection when the vpn service disconnects all traffic has to be blocked. Is it possible?

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