Online Support?

Just signed up for a trial. In testing it out, I was able to fax, but can not recieve faxes - transmission errors from fax machine

Went to the site to submit a ticket (not much info in the knowledge base) and it just hangs for a few minutes before going back to the support page when clicking the Submit button

No acknowledgement that a ticket has been submitted.

No email notification either.

How do I know that the information got submitted?

So far…not good.

After a couple of days of waiting for an email regarding the online ticket I submitted, I decided to call. The tech support guy seemed nice enough and acknowledged the online ticket. He agreed to look into it for me as I could not stay on the phone while troubleshooting.

The next day it seemed to be fixed. Again no email of what the problem was or how it was fixed. Wouldn’t you know it, as soon as I pay to go live, it does not work.

Still can not receive faxes (sent faxes from various machines - nothing but failed Transmission errors…)

I will post again with my next go around with tech support. So far, a real disappointment. Especially after ordering business cards with my new fax number. :-\

we won’t let u down peppertoe .

I sent an email to trustfax support to take a look at this again…