Online Malware Scanner

I would love to see Comodo develop an online Malware scanner that can be run directly from a webpage to scan & clean a system without having to download and install software. Most Anti-Malware company’s offer this service free of charge now, for example:
This can benefit Comodo because it gives them an opportunity to see more malware samples for analysis and it will of course benefit all consumers because it gives them a second opinion on the security of there system. It would also come in very handy for people like myself who are constantly cleaning malware ridden systems. Most people are not willing to part with there security software even though it has failed them in the past. So I find myself very often using several of these online malware scanners to clean systems.


I also agree to this, all the big antivirus companies offer this, so you guys should too as it would spread the Comodo name farther. (V)

indeed this is a good idea and has been in our roadmap for some time.
as soon as CAV goes into release, we will have one soon after.

thanks and keep the suggestions coming pls.


Hi Melih

would be great if you’d offer something in the vein of this one:

instead of a pure online scan.

Which means: melt the detection databases of BOClean and CAVS into one prog and make them available as some kind of “safe mode command line scanner with simple, yet intuitive GUI” and on demand online update function.


The REBOL :slight_smile:

melt the detection databases of BOClean and CAVS into one prog
CAVS3 does and therefore the online scanner sure will have integrated sigs.

I was not talkin bout a simple online scanner, friend…
read again?

Hi Melih,

this is great news :slight_smile:

Could you please implement this in Flash?

I think it should be possible to implement this in Flash 9 and it will then work in MSFT IE 6, 7, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera…! :smiley:

In my opinion an ActiveX solution is bad and only for MSFT IE, Java would work good too, but I would prefer Flash…

Panda Totalscan and Nanoscan using an extension to work with Mozilla Firefox, but it don’t work with Opera or Safari webbrowser…

Or is it technical not possible to implement an online maleware scan with flash plugin/player?
(Action Script 3 or 4 and/or JavaScript?!?)

best regards,