Online Lookup Verdict

I have a question.
I use CIS 4.1, the latest version with default settings. I know it’s not so safe but i trust COMODO so much I tried 5 links from MDL on my main system. On 2 links in the beginning i haven’t got any AV notification and was sure that AV missed them. But suddenly i realized that files were gone and i found them only in CIS’s AV quarantine with online look up verdict category in a type of malware section. What does it mean?
I was sure that CIS 4.1 didn’t have any cloud detection but this looked like a some kind of a cloud AV detection.

Thanks in advance for your explanation

it does have some cloud detection just not as much as v5 does.

After installing comodo, you DID update the anti-virus right?

Thanks Languy! I didn’t know it. Great to found out that version 4.1 also does cloud scanning :ilovecomodo:


Sure I updated CIS after an install. I disabled auto update because CIS does it when i play online. But i update it manually all the time

Did you get any alerts when you executed these two files? Did the two quarantined files get sandboxed? Look under My Pending Files.

Thanks Erich for your help! What I love in Comodo is that you get a great and supporting community plus to a great and free product.

Answering your questions I downloaded 4 exe. files from MDL. When i executed them 1 file was caught by AV. Others 3 were caught and isolated by the sandbox ( i remember pop ups informing me about it).

But then, when i opened my pending files I found only 1 file there and 2 files quarantined with above mentioned verdict. What happened to the 4th file i don’t know.

I restarted my computer, cleaned with Ccleaner and made a scan with Malwarebytes. It found only one Malware trace (registry value). After I deleted it I scanned with Hitman Pro and then with DR Web Cure It and they both found nothing.
I wanted to add that after the restart my pending files section was empty. I hope it was OK

I don’t know what happend to the other file, it could be in the quarantine section of the AV, check there. also registry scanning is coming in Version 5, so that is why mbam found a key.

If i remember correct your reviews a registry key is not dangerous. Am i right?

right, most of the time registry keys are there to try to access files on the hard drive, or stop access to some other files. But it is better to remove ones that are known to be malware related.