Online Form Builder - free

Hi Guys

Wanted to let you know about where you can easily and quickly create online forms for Free.

Very easy to use…drag and drop…
It has thousands of templates you can use
It also has an “Approval” flow charting capability where you can setup a flowchart for approvals for forms.

(sorry…its off topic, but excited to share it with you guys and as always would welcome your feedback please)

Hello Melih
Very good idea :slight_smile:
Possible to be multilingual in the future ?
Thank you

Hi Melih,

This is all very interesting but currently the users of this Forum are deeply worried about the state of CIS development.

We had a reply from Ming.zhou back in March 24 about a new version coming soon, but nothing yet.

Please note: Last CIS was released back in March 28, 2021, more than 1 year ago.

Besides… Melih with all the respect, like safemode said, the users of this board are trying to have an answer from Comodo’s staff regarding the development of CIS Premium since one year now. And the staff-to-user communication work on this respectable forum is more than terrible. We understand that you guys don’t have time for that, but it doesn’t require much time to say “yes, CIS Premium will continue its development” or “no, the product is currently discontinued”
If the answer is “yes”, it’s impossible not to have an ETA for the release after one year.

You will surely agree with us that this:

is absolutely embarassing for any software company.

this is good, can help students of programming learn dev…
sorry my english and intromission!