Online Backup Vista Supporte

What if any versions of Vista are supported?

Thanks in advance for your help.


See your XP post.

See this page for full product info.


Was not sure where to post this as I am a windows 7 user, this is the only forum with a recent post in it so here goes. We use COB to back up our accounting files and have since Nov 2009, .I was using the windows 7 ultimate evaluation copy and then about a month ago the COB stopped working automatically. We had scheduled it to run at 1 AM every day so nothing else would be running at the time. The next morning the system would report that the COB had failed and windows needed to close it and look for a solution. I forced a manual backup on line and that worked just fine. Just the scheduled backup did not work. I thought perhaps that since the evaluation copy of windows 7 was about to expire that Windows could be the problem so I installed a new version of Windows 7 Professsional and re downloaded the client package for COB from your site. The scheduled backup still fails, once again I was able to manually back up on line to your servers with no problem. Is this a bug you are aware of? Any work arounds?

Still need an answer on this, any moderators out there with windows 7 experience and COB??