Online Armour--What a crud

My history with Comodo goes back V 2.3. Currently have V2.4 on two machines. Quite satisfied wuth V 2.4.
Decided to evaulate Online Armour on backup machine, using Revo unistaller plus Regseeker to clean leftover Reg entries of Comodo.

Installed Online Armour. Rebooted. Up come Windows Desktop with nothing but normal Windows Wallpaper. No start, no tray, no nothing. Unistalled. I’ve learn my lesson. Quickly reinstallled V 2.4.

Hi darth & thanks for your feedback. But, I think that you may have posted it on the wrong forums… you wanted Tall EMUs perhaps? ;D

Kail, I think they would “flame me”, I think that is the expression.

Maybe not (although I don’t really know how they run those forums), if you change the subject (to a more flame retardant phrase) and omit the Comodo bit, then they should just treat it for what it is (feedback). I hope.

Online Armor seems to provide the same kind of user support we do here, although more of it is supplied by employees vs volunteers than in the case of Comodo. If you have a problem with OA, ask about it on their forum. Comodo has plenty of users who can’t get CFP3 to run (see for example) to keep us busy without hearing about OA problems. I will lock this thread since there appears to be no Comodo content.