Online Armor V5

New OA just available

Emsisoft Help

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Sweet! Thanks for the info. :smiley:

Looking forward to the final release.

Any screenshot ?
I only see a “Frozen frog” :cry:

Main interface.

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Have they improved the firewall in the free version? Last time I looked it was fairly useless and there’s nothing in the other versions I would want.

The FW stays more or less the same.
Why do you say it’s useless? I always found it quite effective and very configurable.

As I recall, there was no way to specify IP addresses. Something to do with the differences between ‘Standard mode’ and ‘Advanced mode’. I never really bothered to investigate as I found the interface ‘clunky’ and unappealing.

I also see the new version doesn’t appear to support Ipv6, which is a bit backward for a ‘new’ release and forcing users to give an email address is never a good idea.

Just my opinion.

I will give a try :azn:

tried it, great job :-TU
Nice popup too :o

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Part 1

Part 2

Finally Tallemu fully acquired by Emsisoft.
Nice screenshot.

Glad to finally see the back of that horrible old interface. :slight_smile:
So long and good residence! :stuck_out_tongue:

Stable version.

OA dosen’t have a whitelist , with this software you’ll get tons of alerts…And when I think that I also have to pay for it… The Answer : No Thanks! … CIS is a much better solution.

Yes it has, its called OASIS.

lol…I know but the list must have on it like 2 or 3 vendors !! :))

In fact it only auto-allows a minimum like microsoft, etc… the rest it tells u it is known and safe but gives u the option of still checking its actions or trusting completely. I like to have that kind of control over trusted vendors.