Online Armor Free

I’m trying out alternatives for Comodo Firewall (primarily because d+ doesn’t play well after some time and the firewall would not update properly unless I uninstall it completely and the do a reinstall which is…troublesome to say the least). I tried privatefirewall, but it was just to cumbersome to configure properly with all the pop-ups and whatnot. Agnitum slowed down my internet and well, I couldn’t find the installer for the firewall only of Zonealarm. Downloaded it anyway, but figured I’ll make a mess of it since I don’t know Zonealarm firewall that well.

In any case, I found Online Armor Free which seems to be simple enough. Considering only the firewall and discarding the bells and whistles (I mean the HIPS components such as D+ and stuff like that), how does OA compare? Or should I just stick to the default Windows 7 firewall?

Are there any other free firewall I could consider?

You can test as many as you want and eventually make your decision

No way! Never!

My advice - use Comodo Firewall, but the version as in my signature :wink:


figured you’d say something like that :)) thanks for the advice. :wink: