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I installed Ice Dragon with the intent to replace Cometbird, another mozilla/ff browser. I looked at the intro and such beforehand and so doing was convinced it would . . . take the Favorites from Cometbird, which it hasn’t. I did have that box checked when installing ID.

I imported IE10 faves from the option in ID but there is no option for any other browser to import from. What’s the deal?? How do I get that done???


You can export your bookmarks from Cometbird to an HTML file and then import them into IceDragon.



  1. Open CID
  2. Select Options/Bookmarks
  3. Select Import and Backup/Restore/Choose File
  4. Navigate to your Cometbird folder. The default location will be:

C:\Users{User name}\AppData\Roaming\CometNetwork\CometBird\Profiles{Profile Name}\bookmarkbackups

  1. Select the bookmarks {date}.json with the most recent date.
  2. You will get a message asking if you want to replace existing bookmarks, say yes.
  3. Done.

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Thank You sooooooooo much! :a0