One question about CIS on Win7

Well I have one question for 'ya all.
I did a upgrade from Vista SP2 32bit to Win7 RTM build 7600 32bit (just for testing purposes only!) on my old p4 (3.0ghz-HT, 2gb ddr1, r9600pro) and I saw that Windows 7 reported to me that Comodo isn’t compatible with Win7 :o . I had CIS on Vista SP2 and CIS worked without ANY single problem on that OS, so I removed Comodo after that from Win7 because as I am seeing Win7 sent to me a message about incompatible Comodo drivers that were installed on Vista. This is probably a upgrade bug or something similar, but it’s strange to me. So I am asking is latest version of CIS 100% compatible with Win7 RTM or when will be CIS compatible with Win7? Cheers and thanks for any reply in advance. :slight_smile:

Hello. To let you know, Comodo can’t and doesn’t recommend using it’s software with the RC Win 7. Cause it’s an RC and nothing is final yet.
I’m sure they are working to make it “ok” when it’s officially released.

But I’ve have been using CIS with Win 7. I’ve been doing so for about 3 months. It behaves just fine, acts just like my 2 xp machines usiing CIS. Lot’s of people do use CIS with 7, search the forum and you’ll find threads.

I’d suggest a reinstall of CIS. Sometimes that helps.
But, there is always the possibility of some sort of driver conflict of your hardware, with 7 coupled with CIS. Heck, I’m having a hardware conflict using a MS mouse with the recommended driver when using a particular pgm. lol.

Good Luck. Win 7 seems pretty good to me.

Thanks on quick reply - I will try to install CIS on Win7, but I am expecting the same results, I hope that CIS will be 100% compatible with Win7, because Win7 was very boring to me with these “incompatible driver” messages. Cheers

Use latest CIS .531.

1.uninstall old CIS.
2.Turn off Windows firewall.
3.Turn off Windows defender.(go to services, and disable the service)
4.Install latest CIS ‘run as administrator’.

Thanks I will try to do that! Cheers