one license per email? [Resolved]

Hey all.

I just started using comodo firewall, and i seem to like it, its a great firewall from what i’ve experiensed so far so i was thinking about installing it on my other systems.

do i need to register each firewall with a different E-mail or can 1 e-mail optain multiple licenses?

also does the license you optain work more than once? can i “reuse” my license for my computer after i upgraded ect. my mainboard and formatted my HDD? or do i need a new license

also i read somewhere on the forum a dude said you could use the same license on as many computers as you like ? but when you install the firewall the license agreement state that

You may use the Comodo Firewall Software on the number of computers according to the number of licenses obtained

thanks alot

Hi and welcome,

You can use one email to obtain as many licences as you require. You will need a new licence for each install as the licences expire.


ok thanks. :slight_smile: (B)

No problem. :wink: