One big review

Well, I have a idea!

What about we all make reviews about COMODO (start with just the firewall). Well, let’s take this (I will post it below) review and work around it. Take the review, edit it, and post the edited version. (Don’t delete any words, just expand). Then, the next person edit’s the edited version, etc. And so the chain continues. I will lock this thread in about 2 weeks and then show you all the final, uber edited, version! :smiley: After we have the big review, we can post it around on other site’s as COMODO’s members review!

Well, firstly I would strongly recommend this Firewall for users.


The protection I will rate (*****). I will give you a example of the protection. If your Firewall is set to custom, you can leech from other PC, but they cant even touch your PC. So, this function is strongly recommended at a LAN when your not gaming. You will be protected against ppl trying to enter your PC, but what they don’t know is that you can leech with your Firewall on! Smiley

Well, for LANning games with this Firewall is not recommended. So everytime you have to play a game (Multiplayer) you will have to set the firewall on “allow all” or turn it off.

Against internet it works really well. It blocks all the pop-ups that you hate. It keeps quite alot of viruses off, and is the best Firewall to be recommended against viruses. It is quite a new product so it is very well protected against hackers. (We tried hacking a few Firewalls [COMODO, Kerio, Sygate etc], and this one was the best protected).


The startup I rate (*****). At the startup it causes no problems what so ever. Comparing this to Nortan, this uses 2% of what Nortan uses to start up.


The useage I would rate (*****). This is the easiest Firewall to use on the market. We tried using custom protection on the following Firewalls: COMODO, Jetico, Sygate, Nortan, Kerio. and we found this one to be the easiest to use out of all the Firewalls.


The Licence is absolutely free. This product is a product that can be used for ever.

Give all that for FREE!!! What’s the Catch? How does Comodo Make Money?
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So, I hope you now have a idea of how this Firewall is.

Overall Rating : *****

Other Free products: Endpoint Detection and Response, Free - What is EDR Security?

ok but, how come protection is only 4 star?
We have one of the best if not the only firewall that gives the max protection against leak tests!

I blame a flakey keyboard :wink:

OK, changed to 5 star!

Let the updating begin! :smiley: