Once the password in CTM can not get administrator privileges. Tłumacz

Hello, you see I have a problem with the premise CTM passwords and set permissions. My system is Windows 7 Ultimate x64. I set the options and rights (two accounts: Administrator (Admin) full access and username - you can create and restore system. Put on the password and start the stairs here. Well logs in to an account with administrator privileges (Admin) and gives the password - message pops up " invalid password (…). "change my username to another account on the same password and I have permission number two.'s nothing I can not do (permissions) or re-install without a password that is correct but does not enter, any ideas? also installed ■■■■■ but just as I found this bug so we are looking on. advice from other forums as well as the section on CTM did not help (can not find the thread?), so could someone translate it and write on my behalf? Thanks in advance for any information. Sorry for the language - translated by Google.

Yours, eQuuS

Hi, there. Though I find the translated description of your problem a little hard to comprehend but it’s obviously related to CTM password.

It seems that you want to reinstall CTM because of password problem you have with it now, and you’re unable to uninstall CTM since you have an “invalid password”; well in this case you may need to rebuild the MBR. Pls. read this thread https://forums.comodo.com/help-ctm/how-to-restore-mbr-if-you-cant-boot-withwithout-ctm-t58885.0.html

p.s. think of rebuilding the MBR as an unofficial way to uninstall CTM.

I do not have any copy of the MBR (new system). I put on a new system? Error Comodo to this word, is not it?

eQuuS, pls. get someone you know who’s more capable than you are in English to read my posts and translate for you. Also Google up “rebuilding MBR” in your own language and read more.

If you really don’t have any Rebuilding MBR tools on hand, I have an idea for you : download a copy of HitmanPro, install it and click on “Settings” and choose your language, then click on “License” and activate the one-time code (which gives you a 30day free-trial period). Then hit on “Next” on main GUI to run a scan; when the scan’s finished it should have identified a threat called ‘Master Boot Record/ Win32/Bootkit’, then click on “Next” and have HitmanPro fix/rebuild the MBR for you !
(note: HitmanPro has falsely identified CTM’s hook on the MBR as a threat)

I know that my language is tragic. I know little of the base. Probably not me who had to translate. I thought the moderator Polish division, but he’s probably not look here. Try to somehow restore - restore - backup the MBR. If you fail me, I put the system from scratch. By the way, I will do so even positively partitions - mininalnie. Password, and actually his fault Comodo’s fault?

My friend, go and give the Polish Moderator a personal message and see if he could help you ! As you’d agreed that we do have a communication gap.

If you fail me, I put the system from scratch.
If you follow what I told you to do, I would say the success rate would be above 95%.
Password, and actually his fault Comodo's fault?
I'm not going to make a judgement on whose fault it is ! But generally, when a user has set a password and later found his password to be invalid, it's mostly due to bad memory of the user who thinks he has got the right password.

Good luck !

I wrote to the Polish moderator, but by the Polish project on
safety, here probably have not visited. I have not forgotten her
password, Comodo simply does not accept the correct (I’m
talking about this error). You do not understand the broken
English confidently. As for the new system - even on hand
because I would do the partitions.

Right, you may follow my suggestion or reinstall the OS.

I am here guys.

Thanks for showing up, Morphiusz. I think your fellow countryman has done whatever he had to do by now.

Here’s his post on the Polish child board : https://forums.comodo.com/polski-polish/po-ustawieniu-hasa?a-w-ctm-nie-moafrac14na-uzyskaae?-uprawniea?-administratora-t86745.0.html

Installing unix (LMDE) and updating GRUB can cause some issues with CTM?

I thank you for your help and your time. I reinstalled the system. CMT is not installed yet. Password or assumptions no longer. Subject to closing.