Once in a while Comodo Firewall will drop my internet connection

Once in a while Comodo firewall will drop my internet connection. I’m hooked up on a cable modem going through a linksys router. Everything works fine but sometimes I’ll just lose connection to my router. I have to restart comodo and everything is fine. I would like to have the comodo firewall up 24/7 though without having to restart it.

Anyone know how I can prevent Comodo Firewall from taking me offline?

I get “limited or no connectivity” from my network icon. (restarting comodo firewall fixes this but I would like to stay firewalled 24/7).

Beats me, but did you block svchost? What rule do you have for that?

SVCHost is totally allowed for both tcp/udp in & out.

If I leave my computer on for like 10 hours while I go to sleep and come back. My network card shows “limited or no connectivity” as soon as I exit comodo firewall i’m able to reconnect to the network. Very weird.

Hi GreatUp
This was a problem I suffered with when I first installed cpf. Limited or no connectivity continually. To repair the connection I had to, at times, restart the adsl modem and system, turning of cpf and repair connection wouldn’t work.
After reading a number of posts on this issue and trying some fixes I found some svchost rules I added (I think it was a post from Little Mac or Panic I haven’t been able to find it since)
This worked for me, not saying it will fix your problem.

svchost allow udp in dest ip any dest port 68
svchost allow udp out dest ip any dest port 53
svchost allow udp out dest ip any dest port 67

I don’t know whether your’ve seen these

Also check your cpf logs, you can post relevant sections here.
Windows Event Viewer should show some errors or warnings
If you get asked to post screen capture of net mon rules.

Hope this is of some help
Keep us informed

Thanks sullo, experience hands on is everything.
That would be my next suggestion, sepparate the individual rules for svchost, specially in and out.

I hope it works for you GreatUp.