On The Desk Or On The Floor?

After hearing a couple of people said that dust collection is more common on the floor, I put my tower on the desk for months…Even after dusting out the inside with an air compressor after several months I still see dust >:(

I hate to put a large object on the desk vs the floor when I used because of the loud fan noise. That’s the only peeve >:(

I keep my side cover off for better cooling with 2 intake and 2 exhaust fans. My desktop is on the floor but inside a computer desk set up with the door off. I also have 2 cats so I always have dust. I blow my case out about every 6 months or so.

I voted “other” because I carry around my machine all the time, constantly ready to throw it out the window. (:WIN)


desk (:NRD)

Well my desk has an empty space to insert the computer in it, but it’s pretty close to the floor, so I don’t know … ;D Still counts as a desk ? 88)

My desk isn’t exactly small, but I also miss quiet noise, so I’ll probably move it back to the old location.

Technically, that would be “in” the desk instead of “on” the desk, so you should vote Other.

desk + bed ;D

How comes I can’t choose 2 things ?


When I saw the topic title : " On The Desk Or On The Floor? " I thought the poll question would be : " Where do you take your secretary ? " 88) But now I see it is in fact a boring topic :-\

Greetz, Red.

Btw I voted for Desk, because that is easier when you have your pants down :Beer

Greetz, Red.

You take your pants down ? Why ? ;D I voted for Other, cos Soya told me so and I know that bed is more comfortable :smiley:

Well personnally I find it on the ground a bit unhandy and hard. 88).

Walking on the edge O0.


fawn with pants, now that is perverse

All this smut and still no drooling smilie (what`s happening)

@Vet,I read somewhere that you shouldnt take the side of your desktop,something to do with the airflow generated by the fans,its probably complete twoddle,who know`s

Definately on the desk (:AGL) ,check the rhythm


;D ;D ;D ;D Matty :-TU

Lol : Now i’m wondering what do you prefer Soya :

On The Desk Or On The Floor?

Still walking on the edge (:NRD)


My floor is vacuumed clean, and my desk is usually dust-free, but I like said before, I hate the loud noise, so I’d rather put it underneath me.

omg you just coaxed me into typing some nasty stuff, haven’t you? Haven’t you? >:(

I hate the loud noise, so I'd rather put it underneath me.
So what's it ???
omg you just coaxed me into typing some nasty stuff, haven't you? Haven't you?
Did I ? No I didn't you did it yourself ;)

ask me ask me ask me!! :BNC


gotta move fast before josh come here 88)


Well, I keep my LAPTOP on the Desk… lol I have had a laptop since November last year… Just before CFP 3 went Final…

Well, Coming to think off it. I keep my laptop:
-On the bed
-On my lap
-On the couch
-On Kitchen Table (Dont ask)
-In the bed (haha Jokes!!!)

[color=blue]Thinks of locking and unlocking

Josh Sighs 88)

I knew you wouldn`t let me down Ganda :-TU