On one computer, no updates for more than a week?

A friend of mine installed the latest version of CIS. It is a Dell laptop with Home XP (all updates) and dx10. Everything seems to be fine.
My friend manually updates their antivirus (in this case CIS) the first time they log on, as I have taught them to do. There appears to be a strange difference in results. For almost 2 weeks the updater has been reporting that their software is up to date and that there are no updates available.
Since I have CIS on my computer and I have gotten several updates over the past 2 weeks, I would assume that something is amiss.
They do not appear to have any active virus components on their computer, and an additional scan with Malwarebytes has been made daily. Nothing has shown up there.
I thought that it might be good to report this to you.
Thanks again.

This shows the strength of D+. In Proactive Mode it should be able to catch all baddies out there assuming the user makes the proper decisions.

On a practical not could ask your friend what virus database CIS reports under Miscellaneous → About . Also confirm he is using CIS 3.9.95478.509.

In the CIS installation folder look in the scanners folder and let know how big the bases.cav is. I am using AV database 1405 with bases.cav being 96.676.303 bytes