On-line Parent Injection Leak Test with Zone Alarm

Hi all
I have been looking to get out of ZA for a while ever since V7.xx, and so have come here after some searching. Just wanted to report that my ZA failed the Parent Injection Leak Test 2 & 3. Rather unsettling to see data I typed in the message box displayed on the Comodo website!

Question. Is there a non-Comodo 3rd party doing this sort of testing? I am an old fan of “Sheild’s Up”, and ZA always showed pretty good stealthing. I realize the parent injection test is a different beast than stealthing. However, since the test itself is a closed circle (only Comodo is involved), and the download of the file CPILSuite.zip is done on a straight-forward http connection and not https, I just wondered if there were any places to go for a third-party confirmation of Comodo’s claims.

Here is a site that tests firewalls.


Just scroll down and it shows the firewalls tested and the leaktests they used.