On access scanner?

Since i updated the on acess scanner aint working??? Any ideas?

Have you tried restarting the service? (Click on Start and then click RUN. Type services.msc and then press Enter). What other security software are you running?

P.S. CAVS 3 is expected to come out in Beta quite soon though we don’t have a definate date yet. More than likely it’ll happen next month!


Done that but no joy…Can’t even uninstall and re install??

What happens when you try to uninstall it???

Try Exiting CAVS first by right clicking the icon then running the uninstaller.

Once you’ve rebooted you need to check for leftover folders and delete these along with running Ccleaner to remove any invalid registry entries.

The Folders often left behind after uninstall are:

C:/Program Files/Comodo/CAVS
C:/Documents And Settings/All Users/Application Data/Comodo/CAVS
CL/Documents And Settings/[username]/Application Data/Comodo/CAVS

Hope this helps.



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