on access scanner will not work = corrupt file message = ec201

August 9, 2008
I need help please. The on access scanner will not load and search for new viruses. A message reads as corrupt file error code 201. I have attempted to download a new copy of the entire antivirus application but it will not load since it already sees a copy on the computer. Is it possible to get a copy to replace the corrupted file? Any suggestions for a fix? Thank you for your help.

Hey there and welcome to the forums (:HUG)

I want to ask you some questions before we go futher

  1. what OS are you using ?
  2. Are you running any other security programs ?
  3. did you just install CAVS or did you have it earlier, if so when did it starts to give the error ?


August 9, 2008
Hi Xan.
Thank you for the welcome and thanks for getting back so quickly. 1) OS: XP Pro v 2002 SP1. 2) BOClean. Norton antivirus 2005 (disabled). Norton systemworks. Sygate personal firewall. A few days ago I tried to download the memory firewall but was unsuccessful since it requires SP2. Today I downloaded the backup software. 3)The problem started about two weeks ago. I have tried all that I can think of, now I defer to the knowledgeable.


I’m afraid just disabling an A/V is not enough when you install CAVS. You will have to completely uninstall CAVS, uninstall Norton, clean the registry, reboot and then reinstall a fresh download of CAVS.

Security apps have a bad habit of interfering with each other even when they are disabled as some of the kernel drivers are still in place.


August 9, 2008
Thank you John. I will do as you suggest. I appreciate the help. Be well,

Make sure to use Norton Removal Tool after normal NAV 2005 uninstall. Their uninstaller is notoriously FUBARed and leaves tons of junk behind. :-La