On Access Driver Failed

Hello i have been using ComodoPF for quite some time and enjoy it and have recently wanted to try the ComodoAV after the long download “on dialup” i made sure all other security apps were uninstalled/disabled then conducted the install…after a moment or so of the instalation i get the following message “Cannot copy AllowDBE.dll Driver installtion failed”
witch basicly ment i would have no Onaccess shield witch ruins the whole point of the prog dont you think lol so then restarted and it poped up saying on access scaner failed giving an error number witch i forgot but can recreate the event if needed…so then i figured that the dll would just have to be moved to the system32 dir but that didnt work either so i copied the file to the driver dir sill to luck i have i then decided to uninstall…and that worked fine restarted and found a mess of the AV’s files still "locked " on this computer to witch i couldnt delete so i booted into safe mode and tried to delete them and still there locked so i then raised my privilages in safe mode and was finally allowed to get rid of them i fully understand this is a beta prog so im not mad or upset about this event and has not falterd my happynes comodo and their products at all i am verry much looking forwerd to the final product…will be happy to give any more info if i can i am no noob to computers i could prolly fix this on my own but do not have the hours to investagate the issue on my own much further so thank you very much for taking the time to read and hopefully help me goodday
…oh by the way im dyslexic to some extent so please don’t flame my spelling or whatever thank you