On a dialup, if I disconnect, I need to reboot

Every time that my dialup connection breaks down, ( or even if I want to re-dial for a better connection ), comodo blocks all the traffic from the internet … so I need to reboot windows and try again … and so
it works again …
I don’t know what’s happening … I was looking for some trouble like that at this forum and I didn’t
find nothing … I had to unistall comodo untill someone help me … it’s a shame, because comodo it’s
really a nice firewall …

Sorry my english … I’m from Brazil, and I’m not used to speak or write in english … but I hope that
all of you can understand me !

+1 !

I’ve noticed the same thing for me last night !

Usually connected through full time access (DSL ROUTER or LAN), i received my mail last night with a “good-old-one” dial-up connection (6ko/s, it rocks … ;D).

After ending the connection, i had to reboot in order to get a new dial-up connection. Strange thing, little bit annoying cause i work with a laptop and never shutdown (or reboot) the engine (in normal use - no update, …).

I’ll be very glad to read an explanation for this ???


    Please show us your current CPF Rules(screen-shot) & Logs(to see if anything is been blocked).


well … I can’t send a screenshot and logs …
I uninstalled Comodo … but I remember I gave
all my programs and services full acess … and
even this way nothing used to work, Internet
Explorer, Firefox, Thunderbird, Outlook, MSN, was like if I had no connection, but my dialer
was connected. Everything used to work fine
only in the first connection … I would like to fix this and install Comodo again …

alg … do you still have Comodo installed ? Still the same problem ??