Omg (!)

Guys, guys… What is going on here, please?!

The Topic: CIS offline installer download links (Read 1160 times) has had the Offline Installer links removed!!

That’s not all, there are things going on - on the Internet - which are all pointing to perhaps something about to take place and it’s not looking good? :(:frowning:

I LOVE Comodo, been using it for many, many years - ever since Kerio Personal Firewall 2.15 stopped being relevant (Before that, Tiny Personal Firewall); BUT, there’s a real danger here and I hope that I’m wrong. :-0

Since (Agnitum) Outpost Firewall has been bought by Kaspersky and then sold off to Yandex… The only other rule-based firewall, under Windows, that remains any good, meh (& who knows what’s become of it now, blah.)

… We’ve only got Comodo (left)! However, the SSL Certificate, Cheap SSL Certificates, What is SSL web page has changed - quite recently - where it had featured 3 (three!) different certificates, now it’s only got the Comodo one!

There are things going on, online and I fear that something is about to happen! Does anyone have any more information?! How come that the Comodo installation file is gone?? We’re left with this downloader - which goes against the whole, entire, point of having a firewall: being able to control which application has access to the web.

My Comodo, ofc., is configured to prompt on everything, Block Incoming Connections, as such - two screenshots:

I sincerely hope that this topic is for nothing!

Edit: Even the Comodo homepage has been changed to something (quite) alien. So much so that it, apparently, warranted its own topic: Analyse: Homepage at certain time period

(Looks like I’m not the only one to notice the end of the world??)



That topic was linking to a linked internal build. The link was righteously removed and the topic was locked for the obvious reason. And for that same reason: locked…