Ok i play a game called WorldofWarcraft and EVERY TIME i swich my password the person HACKS MY ACCOUNT BACK AGAIN! i think i have a key-logger and i have scanned many times what do i do!?!?!

I just got hacked 2 days ago for the first time in over 4 years and I have no idea how they did it since I can find no malware of any kind on my system. What I have done to prevent this from happening again is order an authenticator from the Blizzard store. It adds a secondary password that changes every time you log into the game and therefore cannot be hacked. They only cost $6.50 and they ship them to you for free. If you have a cell phone, there is another version that works through that

if i use a restore with my acornis back up will it get rid of the virus/keylogger if i go back further than i got it?

What kind of security tools did you try?
Did you find anything?
Please tell us more details.

I don’t think so.
The back up images might be infected already when you backed it up.
Or your MBR is infected.
There are many other possibilities.

use Comodo Cloud Scanner to check any active infection on your PC.


Today there are so many simple ways to hack a person without the use of malware. Sometimes that can even be to prefer…

Anyway, its probably a key-logger… I hope you get it removed AND figure out how it got there, or how you got hacked… Or no lesson learnt and you will probably just get hacked again…

Some side stuff: Do world of warcraft offer some kind of “i have forgot my password send it to my email” function?? If so, count on your hacker to have your email password as well and once you feel confident that the infection is gone, cover this hole by changing the password so he can’t regain access to your wow account that way…

Also a fishy little trick a hacker can do (with some emails) is once he has your email pass change your secret question and set it to send the pass to That way, despite you changing the password the hacker can simply just reset it/have it sent to him… And that way regain control over your email (+possible the wow acc)… So make sure that data hasn’t been changed… Also, if you use a “secret question” on your email, make sure its a hard one and not to give that info out to anyone…

All I have to say is WOW!!! :smiley:
Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, IM & Online games= unnecessary danger 88)
Worst case scenario run them sandboxed