OLE problem/question - please help!

i submitting a post in another forum, when comodo popped up saying that “excel.exe (i had an excel document open at the time) was trying to use parent application svchost.exe through OLE automation, which can be used to hijack other applications”

so, not knowing exactly what that meant but thinking it may not be good, i decided to deny the request. now comodo will not let me access the internet. i get page cannot be displayed/cannot find server errors, unless i turn comodo off or set to allow all.

can anyone please help me ‘undo’ whatever it is i ‘denied’ or blocked? :beg: :pray: :please:

If you didn’t check the “Remember” box on the popup, it’s only blocked for the session. Close Excel (if still open), and then close & reopen the browser. If that doesn’t work (and it may not, for an OLE alert), simply reboot your computer.

If you did select “Remember” simply open your Application Monitor, find the blocked application, and remove that rule. Exit the firewall, restart it, and run the application again. Respond to alerts appropriately to re-allow it.

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thank you for the advice.

i did look in the application monitor but did not see any blocked applications. I did not close my browser or reboot, i will try doing that.

however, trying to troubleshoot myself, i opened “define a new trusted application” and i browsed my pc for the svchost app. and picked it. I hope this was not, not a good idea… will having that allowed allow potential malicious programs to use it without comodo’s being alerted now?

thanks again :cheers:

If you look at the svchost.exe application monitor rule, you should see that it now defaults to the full range of ports and IP addresses, for In/Out TCP/UDP. This should not be a problem, as svchost.exe is a legit Windows process, and needs internet access. You can certain undo it if you want. By removing the rule.

You can minimize some of these alerts by making sure that Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous/Do not show alerts for applications certified by Comodo is checked. Then go to Security/Tasks/Scan for Known Applications. Follow the prompts, reboot when finished.