OLE Automation.

Hi all.

Thank you for this fantasic firewall, I was a die hard ZA user until one of the recent updates gave me all sorts of headaches.
I moved to Comodo and have not looked back. (R)(:CLP)

I have a Netgear router so I use the Software firewall to monitor/block programs from going out to the net.
I am having some issues with the OLE automation, a prime example just happed, a program tried to access the net through MSN and when I denied it MSN lost connection.
How can I stop the OLE hijacking program without blocking the legitimate program?

Thanks in advance.

Apologies if this has been answered, I did search but could not see the soloution. (:KWL)

Rule of thumb for OLE Automation popups are if all of the applications involved in the popup are known ones, you can safely allow.

Because OLE Automation is a quite common thing in Windows.

Thats cool but what if I don’t the hijacking program to get to the net.

Example, I used an ISO making program and after I had closed the program it tried to get to the net via MSN. I could see no reason for this to access the net so I denied it, MSN stopped working.

I am probably being paranoid but I dont want programs sending info if they dont need to.

It does not have to be an internet connection request. Such legitimate programs would not try to hijack say MSN Messenger. So it should be a convenience alert.

I finally managed to get a screenshot of the message.

I used wordpad and a short while after closing it I got this message.


Now if I allow then wordpad sends something via the internet (further popups had an external IP listed) and if I deny the internet explorer stops working.

@dmw: i got such messages, too!

i think, cpf is falsely concluding. i got such messges (after the specified program has been closed time ago) from notepad, wordpad, eventmanager, management cosole, commandline, …

beside being absolute nonsense, i aks myself what cpf makes conclude these progrmas would ask for access…

false alarms, i guess…

I agree with that, false alarms.

This seems to be difficult to “monitor” for a firewall. LooknStop will also show these incorrect messages from time to time (program a has started program b), although not nearly as often as Comodo. But this could be due to fact that Comodo checks many more things than LnS.