Older version of free Antivirus for XP

hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

I’ve been using the free Comodo antivirus for years. My computer was very old, and I’ve been running XP Pro SP3 all that time. Despite not seeing that XP was even supported anymore on the Comodo website, I was still getting updates all the time. All was well, I thought.

…until my computer died, suddenly and horribly, about a week ago.

Luckily, I had a backup computer that I only used once or twice every year, which is also running XP Pro SP3.

So, I switched to that backup computer, and began the task of installing all the necessary programs, which wasn’t many. When I got to attempting to re-install Comodo, I was baffled. There was no download instructions for getting the version of Comodo antivirus I’d just been running a week earlier on my dead computer. Instead, I was being forced to download a “Cloud” version of it. I searched and I searched, but I found nothing. How do I download and install the same version of Comodo antivirus I’ve been using for so long on my (admittedly, very dated) OS?

And as mentioned, despite not finding any clue on this website that XP was even supported anymore, my now-dead computer was running Comodo antivirus just fine, and it was updating itself every few days, as expected. Sadly, since my computer is dead, I have no idea which specific version of Comodo I was running. It was the free antivirus which I downloaded from the Comodo website a few years ago. And since then, there has never been a single problem. Now, it seems that my (older?) version of Comodo is unavailable to me.

And yes, I did attempt to install whatever this new cloud antivirus is, but apparently it doesn’t work with XP, and would not install.

Can someone here point me in the right direction for the version of Comodo AV that I was still using just a week ago?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Filehorse may be of help: Comodo Antivirus Download for Windows / Old Versions / FileHorse.com .

Thank you!!!

Based on the screenshots, that is indeed the older version I’d been using.

However, I was a bit scared by seeing “Ad supported” in the description. Did this Filehorse place alter this older version to profit from it with ads? What a bummer if they did. On my old and now-dead computer, I never received a single ad while using Comodo…other than the occasional pop up alerting me there was a newer version, or asking me if I wanted to upgrade to the pro version. But no ads from any other companies.

Thanks again for your help!!!

I don’t know what version you are looking for but usually when you go into the advanced options of the installer you’ll be able to uncheck the ad supported option. The online help may be useful to learn about about the installer.